An Alternative Post-work Drinks Idea

It’s already Wednesday and we cannot wait for our Friday Funday to arrive and for the weekend to begin.

As per the British culture, the Friday after-work-drinks session with colleagues is a thing and according to statistics one in five UK employees will attend a pub crawling session with colleagues at least once a month, 11 per cent of whom will keep drinking until the end of the night.  According to Forbes Magazine, there are many advantages to attending this kind of events. You get to know your colleagues better and you bond with senior management in a more relaxed environment. Bel Canto offers the perfect ambiance for a post work drinks gathering.


At Bel Canto, you have the opportunity to have fun, bond with colleagues and eat high quality food while watching a live opera show and sipping a glass of exquisite French wine.  Here are a few reasons why you should book with us your next post work gathering.

The ideal setting: During your visit, you will be watching our singers/waiters perform a live opera show but there will also be plenty of pauses throughout so you can talk to and bond with your colleagues.

The food: The Bel Canto menu offers high quality French food with lots of options for you to choose from. Always remember that if you run out of icebreakers, commenting on the food is always a great way to start a conversation!

The fun: What can be more fun than singing? We are lucky enough to have some of the finest artists and singers from across the world perform at our restaurant.

Bel Canto’s Group Bookings Promotion: Booking as a group will unlock unique offers and discounts for your party.  You also have the option to choose one of our set menus and be aware of how much you will spend in advance. Get in touch with Bel Canto to find out more.

A post work gathering at Bel Canto, guarantees you an evening full of fun, great food and high quality drinks. You will get to promote your cultural side amongst your colleagues and managers, and also figure out what they actually like in terms of music, food and entertainment! Which might also make things easier for you for the next Secret Santa!