Muscat de Riversaltes – a wine made for Spring

March is the first month of Spring, and it’s all about refreshing flavours and vibrant colours.  Sweet pairings are the perfect way to start the season and we have the ultimate combination for you. Last week our post was about crème brûlée, a delectable dessert with a long history. Its rich, creamy texture and its crunchy caramelised crust make it the perfect light dessert for Spring and yes, we have managed to pair it with a sweet, refreshing dessert wine – the Muscat des Rivesaltes. 

Muscat de Riversaltes is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée in Roussillon, for fortified wines using the Muscat grape. All Muscat de Rivesaltes wines, are a specialty of the area and are classified as naturally sweet wines. The region of Roussillon is located between the French Pyrenees and the Mediterranean and the sunny, warm climate creates the perfect weather conditions for the grapes to ripe.

All Muscat de Rivesaltes wines are made from 2 different grape varieties. The Muscat Blanc variety provides aromas of exotic and citrus fruits while the Muscat of Alexandria gives a floral and ripe stone vibe. Each producer decides on the ratio of the varieties blended according to his preference, but the combination of the two usually gives the wine aromas of peach, lemon and mango.

This wine’s colour absolutely matches the colours of Spring. Pale gold sometimes with a silvery-green tinge in the beginning, as years go by it turns into deep gold with orange and amber notes. Its sugar levels are quite high (100g/l) and so is its alcohol level (15%). One glass of this honeyed, caramelly wine will be just enough! 

A match made in heaven, our Muscat de Rivesaltes and our crème brûlée served with raspberry and basil will not disappoint you. This combination is the perfect ending to a wonderful Spring night of French food and live opera.