Our oven-baked monkfish – a healthy, delicious treat.

Considered to be the ugliest fish in the ocean, the monkfish has a large mouth and large teeth… and an utterly massively stomach that allows it to eat much larger fish. However it is one of the most delicious fish and here at Bel Canto, Chef Gilles has created a unique recipe that brings out its best qualities.

Our oven-baked monkfish is cooked with smoked pancetta, baby spinach, crispy capers and veal jus. The fish’s firm texture and mellow, mildly sweet taste goes great with the slightly bitter flavour of spinach. The added smoked pancetta gives the fish the extra salty and smoky element, perfectly complemented by the veal jus. Our dish is completed with the addition of capers, which give it a tangy, lemony flavour, making the taste of the fish just perfect!

oven-baked monkfish

So monkfish is delicious – particularly when Chef Gilles cooks it! But is it healthy? Let’s find out!

Minerals for more energy

Monkfish contains lots of different minerals that are beneficial for your health. By adding minerals to your diet you can support your metabolism and regulate enzyme function. It also has It has high content of omega-3 fatty acid as well as Vitamin B6 and B12 which increase the myelin production and promote brain functions.

Muscle health

Monkfish is high in protein, which is very important for the coordination of your muscles. It also assists in the growth and maintenance of muscle strength.

Enhances immunity

Monkfish contains so many proteins and minerals, which can boost your immune system and protect you against diseases and illnesses. It also helps to eliminate the foreign elements such as antigens.

Supports digestion

Phosphorus is vital to facilitate digestion and monkfish contains lots of it. It can also help you fight, constipation, indigestion and bowel movements as well as maintain your digestive health and kidneys.


Monkfish can also help you with skin issues such as hair loss, acne, dandruff and dry skin as well as with balancing your hormones. Due to its high content of mercury, you should only have monkfish as a once in a while treat rather than include it in your daily diet.  However, since dinner and opera at Bel Canto are definitely a treat why not complement your special evening with us with Chef Gilles’ gourmet monkfish?