A Taste of Luxury - Champagne for Trendsetters

At Bel Canto, we think it is our duty to seek out the unique and the extraordinary. So, when it came to Champagne, we didn’t want to opt for the same old Moet. After considerable research, we found Champagne Thiénot, and we knew it was going to be a good match – a relatively new Champagne house, whose goal was to create a product embracing “quality, character, and elegance”. What could be more perfect?

Founded by Champagne expert and enthusiast, Alain Thiénot, in the mid-80s, Thiénot Champagne can now be found in some of the finest establishments around the world, as well as sponsoring the Thiénot Yacht Cup Race and being the official Champagne for the 85th Oscars pre-show and Governors’ Ball. Although most Champagne houses have been producing their wine for literally hundreds of years, this relative newcomer has been giving them a run for their money since it launched its first Cuvée in 1985.

It all began when, after nearly 20 years of working with growers and Champagne houses, wine broker Thiénot thought “I could do this myself”. Working relationships with growers who specialised in the rare and exceptional guaranteed him an unprecedented supply of grapes, couple this with years of experience and a flair for the modern, and Champagne Thiénot was born.

Within ten years, Thiénot had been introduced to countries all over the world and had made a name for itself in the Champagne world for its forward-thinking, contemporary style. A family-run business, Alain Thiénot’s children, Stanislas and Garance, have now followed in their father’s footsteps, taking on his expertise and profound belief in the importance of terroir and technical mastery.

A “Champagne favoured by trendsetters” the house style is a blend of luxurious tradition and contemporary innovation, using mainly grapes from the company’s own vineyards in Côte de Blancs and Reims, and continues to win awards and accolades all over the world.

Although we have a partiality for all the Thiénot products, today we are focussing on our favourite – the classic Thiénot Brut.

This signature wine blends the three classic Champagne grapes – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier – and results in a fresh, fruity wine with spring-like notes and a long finish. The epitome of finesse, this lovely wine is beautifully balanced with notes of apple, pear and fresh fruit with a creamy mousse and persistent bubbles. Aged for three years in the Thiénot cellars, the Brut has hints of pipped fruit jam, apples, and quince on the nose and makes both the perfect aperitif and the ideal accompaniment to fish and seafood.

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