The Best French Wine Gifts this Christmas

We never really need any excuse to drink wine, but to open our finest vintage we tend to wait for the perfect occasion. Luckily, Christmas is the opportunity you have been waiting for and now is the ideal time to savour exquisite bottles of wine! 

In fact, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are synonymous with indulgence and elaborate meals- and without a Grand Cru something would be missing.  So, to help you celebrate the season’s greetings with delicious wine here are some suggestions on what to buy the wine lovers in your life.

Get them a magnificent bottle of wine from Hedonism

This outstanding wine cellar located in the heart of Mayfair has a wide selection France’s finest wines. Whether you are looking for the perfect Sauternes to pair with some Fois Gras, a sensational Chablis Grand Cru to savour with some oysters, a transporting red Bordeaux like a 15-year-old Pomerol to accompany your dinde farcie aux marrons (that’s “Turkey, stuffed with chestnuts” for the non-French-speakers among you!), or a Dom Perignon to kick off the celebration with a luxury Champagne; Hedonism will make your dreams come true. 

Get them a Wine Decanter

After opening an old vintage, one must use a decanter to separate the wine from the sediments it creates while aging, and to aerate the wine in order to open up its aromas and flavours. Because we imagine it is very likely that the wine lovers in your life open an old vintage this Christmas we suggest you furnish him or her this ultimate oenophile’s accessory. 

Get them a wine tasting at Berry Bros & Rudd

London is packed with amazing wine tasting events and Berry Bros & Rudd has some of the very best! Established since William III was king in the late 17th century, this wine & spirit merchants has a huge variety of wine tastings that are already advertised for 2017.  This present could easily be the pinnacle of all wine lovers’ gifts. 

Bonne dégustation!